Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thing 8-Facebook

I already had a Facebook account. I first got one so I could "spy on" my son in college (according to my daughter, who said that was creepy and I should just quit). After "spying on" him a couple of times, I decided I didn't really want to know, and cancelled my facebook account. He wasn't doing anything bad, I just figured my daughter was actually right and it was none of my beeswax. Recently my friends talked me into getting a facebook account again, so I did. Now I have a decent number of friends on facebook, including several of my children's friends. Only one out of 3 personal children, though, and it's not my son or the daughter who thought I was being creepy. I don't pay a whole lot of attention to my facebook account; I look at it about twice a week. I have taken a few "quizzes" such as "what kind of dog would you be? answer: standard poodle (!)" and written on a few walls and chuckled at the antics of some of my friends. It's really a fairly innocuous way to see what's going on in people's lives, but it has the danger of becoming all-consuming. I am old, I still like my actual life better than my virtual life.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

flickr et al

I created my Flickr account and posted some pictures. I made a funny caption on one of my cat pictures :) And, I made a fun picture with ComicStripGenerator. The Flickr mashup tool was much easier to use than the ComicStripGenerator one, but the ComicStripGenerator had more options.

Of course, the possibilities are endless for use in a library, either to spice things up, or to bring out the creative side of students in an academic setting. Too bad they are blocked by the filters.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Of filters and resources

Many of the 23 things are blocked by filters if one is in a school environment. This may adversely affect their practical applications in some libraries. (I'm just sayin'....)

Friday, May 15, 2009

thing 2

I read the articles. They were interesting. However, I did notice that they were not particularly recent (that is, from the last year or so). I watched the videos. They were also interesting. Yep, interesting.

Funny story--I have already forgotten and had to reset my password :) how tech-savvy is that ?!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Entry

Here I am, trying to learn a new thing at my age (!) and position in life (!!). So, I am a newly minted blogger. So, I am looking forward to learning some more new things so that when I grow up, I will be a real media specialist :)